Freeport – Maps and Directions

Bryan Myers   July 8, 2019   Comments Off on Freeport – Maps and Directions

Attached are maps for the pulls this week in Freeport. The Mods, Semis and pull staff will use the usual North Pit Gate on Walnut Road. I noted Mod and Semi in the title of the map for them and the route from South St down Walnut Rd and into the North gate/Pit gate is marked in aqua. 
The other Map with orange marked route and lot is for all other competitors. From IL Route 26 headed South out of Freeport, they should turn Left (East) on Fairgrounds Road. This is the intersection north of Walmart and has a stoplight. Then go Left (North) on Skyline Drive. This is a wooded street and is directly across from the Walmart Sign/Entrance.  This is the same lot they were in last year. There is a fair sign on that corner and it will say WEST LOT on it. I know they were working on more and better signage, too. 
We do have a Motocross show Wednesday evening and the stage will be going up Wednesday after that. You are welcome to come in Wednesday with your trucks, trailers, etc but please check with Jeff or I if there is room for you yet at the track. It could be 10pm or after when they are out of the way. If you arrive in town before then you are free to park in the old KMart parking lot along IL 26 south of the Country Inn, behind Taco Bell and Arby’s. Or the ShopKo lot along South Street since ShopKo has closed. These would be the same lots any competitors that are here early would need to wait in until the lots are clear for them after people have left. 
I will have the check in books at the gates but the each gate will only have the classes using that gate in it.