Prostock Tractors

Pro Stock Tractors:

Pro Stock Tractors are crowd favorites, the RPM’s, horsepower give you goosebumps.  These machines top out at a maximum of 10-thousand pounds and may bolt on a single turbocharger to an engine that can be built up to 680 cubic-inches in displacement. Using a combination of diesel fuel and water injection, these smoke-billowing monsters contain some of the more legendary teams in the sport.  This is the most powerful single turbo charged class in the sport of pulling, and we are proud to have some of the best Pro Stock tractors in the nation pulling with us week in and week out. 

Pulling Weight: 10,000 lbs

Fuel: Diesel or Gas-Tractors must run the original stock fuel for that make and model tractor

Chassis: Original Equipment Chassis or Component

Turbo chargers: One Turbo-unlimited size

Fuel System:  Unlimited

Tires: 24.5 x 32.5 Limit

Engine: 680 Cubic Inch Limit (single turbocharger) custom made engine block, cylinder head, intake and exhaust manifold or headers allowed.

Pro Stock Tractor

Class Reps

Greg Elsing – [email protected] – 608-444-7956
Randy Barreau – 608-434-1374

“Fuelish Pleasure”

Driver(s): Alex, Jared, Tim & Don Brinkmeier

Tractor: MX255

Hometown: Warren, IL

“Tool Times 2”

Drivers: Randy Barreau

Tractor: John Deere 7930

Hometown: Baraboo, WI


Driver(s): Blaine Stamm and Chris Labudde

Tractor: IH 1466

Hometown: Lena, IL

“Red Cattlac”


Driver(s): Frank / Jason Molitor

Tractor: IH 966

Hometown: Kent, IL

 “Diehard Deere”

Driver(s): Kurt and Travis Wileman

Tractor: JD 7830

Hometown: Edgerton, WI


Driver: Mike Everson

Tractor: MF 8690

Hometown: Belleville, WI

“Tool Time”


Driver: Randy Barreau

Tractor: JD 8520

Hometown: Baraboo, WI

Driver: Greg, Avery, Mason Elsing