466 Hot Farm Tractors

466 Hot Farm Tractors

Year after year this is one of the biggest classes Badger State offers.  466 Hot Farm Tractors weigh 9500 lbs, single turbo charger and unlimited RPM’s.

Pulling Weight: 9500 lbs

Fuel: Diesel Only

Chassis: Original Equipment Chassis only

Turbo chargers: 3′ inlet-  3″ outlet limit

Fuel System:  Inline P Pump Limit

Tires: 20.8 x 38 limit

Engine: 466 Cubic Inch Limit (single turbocharger) with original equipped block, cylinder head, intake and exhaust manifolds.

466 Hot Farm

Class Reps

Adam Adrian adadrian166@gmail.com 608-778-1964
Lee Ruf jmlruf@yahoo.com 608-482-1216

“Fair Warning”


Driver(s): Lee Ruf

Tractor: Case IH 1466

Hometown: Darlington, WI

“Diamond Deere”


Driver(s): Mike/Tracy Paulson

Tractor: JD 4255

Hometown: Deforest, WI

“Just Fuelin Around”


Driver(s): Doug / Mike / Warren Loofboro

Tractor: IH Puma 210

Hometown: Janesville / Milton, WI

“Double Trouble”


Driver(s): Mike Meier

Tractor: International 5488

Hometown: Monroe, WI

“Memory Maker” 

Driver(s): Adam Adrian

Tractor: IH 1066

Hometown: Glen Haven, WI

“466 Xpress”

Driver(s): John Meier, Sr & Dan Meier

Tractor: IH 1466

Hometown: Juda, WI


Driver(s): David Baker

Tractor: IH 1066

Hometown: Polo, IL

“Hustlin Harvester”


Driver(s): Travis Haugen

Tractor: IH 1066

Hometown: Brodhead, WI

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Driver(s): John Wuethrich / Elliott Zettle

Tractor: IH 1466

Hometown: Monroe, WI


Drivers: Emmitt/Ian Seefeldt and Swanson/Mark Colberg

Tractor: IH 7250

Hometown: Freeport, IL

“Black Stallion”


Driver(s): Josh Ninnemann

Tractor: IH 1066

Hometown: Franklin, WI

“I’m Hooked”

Driver: Vern Meinholz

Tractor: JD 4320

Hometown: Black Earth, WI

“Wicked 466”


Driver: Jeb Scott

Tractor: IH 966

Hometown: LaValle, WI


Driver: Craig Whitaker

Tractor: New Holland T7.270

Hometown: Monroe, WI

“Never Retreat Deere”


Driver: Brandon/Jeffrey Parr

Tractor: JD 4250

Hometown: Ferryville, WI

“Buck Snort”

Driver: Jon Moriarty

Tractor: JD 7310R

Hometown: Berlin, WI

“Diggin’ For A Livin'”

Drivers: Charlie/Chris Aschliman

Tractor: IH 1066

Hometown: Barneveld, WI

“Dozin’ Thru”

Driver: Ben Hayen

Tractor: IH 1066

Hometown: Milledgeville, IL

“Still Fuelin’ Around”

Driver(s): Doug / Mike / Warren Loofboro

Tractor: IH Puma 210

Hometown: Milton, WI

“Legal Addiction”

Driver: Lance Mertens

Tractor: IH1086

Hometown: Depere, WI

Drivers: Myles Leahy/Steve Johnsrud

Tractor: JD6255R

Hometown: Darlington, WI