Super Farm Tractors

Super Farm Tractors

Weighing 9300 lbs, the Super Farm Tractor class relies on a single turbo charger and 640 cubic inches to power down the pulling surface. Known throughout the country as one of the largest classes in pulling, the Super Farm Tractors class is most typically the closest class from the first place finisher to the tenth position.  Badger State Super Farms are regarded as some of the best in the pulling world, with multiple Champion Tour Points Championships belonging to Badger State Pullers.

Pulling Weight: 9300 lbs

Fuel: Diesel or Gas-Tractors must run the original stock fuel for that make and model tractor

Chassis: Original Equipment Chassis only

Turbo chargers: 3′ inlet-  3″ outlet limit

Fuel System:  Inline P Pump Limit

Tires: 24.5 x 32.5 limit

Engine: 640 Cubic Inch Limit (single turbocharger) with original equipped block, cylinder head,  and exhaust manifolds.  Custom made intake manifold allowed.

 Super Farm Class Reps Mitch Berg [email protected] 608-558-5140
Don Viney [email protected] 608-332-6381

“Fast and Furious”


Driver(s): Don/James Slama

Tractor: JD 7810

Hometown: Hillsboro, WI

 “Screamin’ Norwegian”


Driver(s): Nick Skaar / Shawn Boyd / Justin Johnson

Tractor: Case IH 340

Hometown: Cottage Grove, WI

 “Positive Ground”


Driver(s): Chuck Guentenberg

Tractor: IH 3688

Hometown: Rio, WI

“Bleedin’ Green”


Driver(s): David/Jay Smithback 

Tractor: JD 7810

Hometown: Utica, WI


 “Hooked Up”


Driver(s): Brian/Jim Barman

Tractor: IH 1466

Hometown: Black Earth/Cross Plains, WI

 “All Cranked Up”


Driver(s): Jason/Don Viney

Tractor: IH 1066

Hometown: Cottage Grove, WI

 “Crank It Up”


Drivers: Dan/Don Viney

Tractor: IH 1066

Hometown: Cottage Grove, WI

“Vi-Agri King”


Driver(s): Jeff Griswald / Karl Kaun / Pat Hack

Tractor: Case 1090

Hometown: Hartland and Ft. Atkinson, WI

“Slama Enterprises”


Driver(s): Don/James Slama

Tractor: JD7930

Hometown: Hillsboro, WI

“Hay Shaker”


Driver(s): Jerry Hasenbein

Tractor: Case 970

Hometown: Waterford, WI

“Twisted Deere”

Driver(s): Casey/Corey Fritz

Tractor: JD 4440

Hometown: Boscobel, WI

“Disorderly Deere”

Driver: Mitch Berg

Tractor: JD 4455

Hometown: Argyle, WI


Driver(s): Johnny Dahlke and Mike Egan

Tractor: JD 4455

Hometown: Montello, WI