Prostock 4×4 Diesel Trucks

4×4 Pro Street Diesel Trucks

The most powerful class of diesel trucks on the Badger State Circuit.

Pulling Weight: 7800 lbs

Fuel: Diesel Only

Chassis:  Stock Appearing

Turbo chargers: 3.6′ inlet

Fuel System:  Inline P Pump Limit

Tires: DOT tires only

Engine: 460 Cubic Inch Limit (single turbocharger) must be original equipment engine from factory in one ton or smaller pickup truck.

Pro Stock

Diesel Ttruck

Class Reps

John Holder 608-697-8428
Jared Ripp 608-445-8410

“Thicker N Blood”

Drivers: Josh/Dave Stahl

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Sandwich, IL

“Farmers Nightmare”


Drivers: Jared Ripp

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Dane, WI

“Can’t Holder”

Drivers: John Holder

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Rio, WI

“Never Enough”

Driver(s): Mark Huckstorf / Dean Sheldon

Truck: 2003 Chevy

Hometown: Franklin, WI

“Public Enemy”

Driver: Shane Johnson

Truck: Ford Duramax

Hometown: Poplar Grove, IL


Driver: Cory/Ryan Funk

Truck: Chevy

Hometown: Oconomowoc, WI


Driver: Ivan Harvell

Hometown: Steward, IL

“The Addiction”


Driver: Mark Thomforde

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Caledonia, WI


Driver: Trent/Travis VanHaizen

Truck: 2001 GMC

Hometown: Stockton, IL

“Lincoln Diesel Specialties”

Driver: Brent Meyer and Peter Jarvis

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Red Granite, WI

“Rock Diesel”

Driver: Ryan Dedolph

Hometown: Janesville, WI

 “Durty Deere”

Driver: Jeremy/Jesse/Josh Beetz

Truck: Chevy

Hometown: Mendota, IL

“All Greased Up”

Driver: Ryan Sokolowski

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Sun Prairie, WI