Prostock 4×4 Diesel Trucks

4×4 Pro Street Diesel Trucks

The most powerful class of diesel trucks on the Badger State Circuit.

Pulling Weight: 7800 lbs

Fuel: Diesel Only

Chassis:  Stock Appearing

Turbo chargers: 3.6′ inlet

Fuel System:  Inline P Pump Limit

Tires: DOT tires only

Engine: 460 Cubic Inch Limit (single turbocharger) must be original equipment engine from factory in one ton or smaller pickup truck.

Pro Stock

Diesel Ttruck

Class Reps

John Holder
Jared Ripp 608-445-8410

“Thicker N Blood”

Drivers: Josh/Dave Stahl

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Sandwich, IL

“Farmers Nightmare”


Drivers: Jared Ripp

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Dane, WI

“Can’t Holder”

Drivers: John Holder

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Rio, WI

“Never Enough”

Driver(s): Mark Huckstorf / Dean Sheldon

Truck: 2003 Chevy

Hometown: Franklin, WI

“Public Enemy”


Driver: Shane Johnson

Truck: Ford Duramax

Hometown: Poplar Grove, IL


Driver: Cory/Ryan Funk

Truck: Chevy

Hometown: Oconomowoc, WI



Driver: Ivan Harvell

Hometown: Steward, IL

“The Addiction”


Driver: Mark Thomforde

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Caledonia, WI


Driver: Trent/Travis VanHaizen

Truck: 2001 GMC

Hometown: Stockton, IL

“Lincoln Diesel Specialties”

Driver: Brent Meyer and Peter Jarvis

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Red Granite, WI

“Rock Diesel”

Driver: Ryan Dedolph

Hometown: Janesville, WI


 “Durty Deere”

Driver: Jeremy/Jesse/Josh Beetz

Truck: Chevy

Hometown: Mendota, IL

“All Greased Up”

Driver: Ryan Sokolowski

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Sun Prairie, WI