2 Wheel Drive Modified Trucks

2 Wheel Drive Super Modified Trucks

The Super Modified Two-Wheel Drive Truck division is another filled with colorful truck body styles, equally dazzling paint schemes. Using supercharged and alcohol-injected drag racing-type engines, these Trucks indeed awe the crowd with their power and on-track antics, with part of their weight transfer characteristics resulting in towering wheel-stands at various points along the track. Their machines can weight no more than 6,200 pounds, and finding the desired balance in keeping them pointed straight is truly a challenge.

Pulling Weight: 6200 lbs

Fuel: Methanol or Alcohol

Chassis: 165″ wheelbase, truck or fabricated tube frames permitted

Fuel System:  Fuel Injected

Tires: Maximum 18.4″ x 16.1″

Engine: Supercharged (maximum 14-71 hi-helix), 575 cubic inch limit, engine block to accept automotive crankshaft, two valves per cylinder, and maximum bore spacing of 5.00″

Class Reps:

Terry Timmerman – [email protected] – 608-732-3408

Scott Nehring – [email protected]  608-963-9419

“Hot -n- Nasty”

Driver: Terry/Kurt/Kyle Timmerman

Truck: Ford

Hometown: Dickeyville, WI

“Inches Matter”


Driver: Willie Deppe

Truck: Ford

Hometown: Baraboo, WI

“Fast Freight”


Driver: Tim Deppe

Truck: Ford

Hometown: Baraboo, WI

“Show Time”


Driver: Wayne Timmerman

Truck: 1997 S10 Chevy

Hometown: Cuba City, WI

“Old School”

Driver: Tim Deppe

Hometown: Baraboo, WI

“Give Er The Beans”

Driver: Travis Hoesly

Truck: T Bucket 23

 Hometown: New Glarus, WI


Driver: Scott Nehring

Hometown: Reedsburg, WI