Light Limited Super Stock Tractors

Light Limited Super Stock Tractors

Light Limited Super Stock Tractors

The most colorful tractor class in Badger State.  The LLSS tractors are limited to 410 cubic inches, and weighing only 6500 lbs this class is the lightest class on the Badger State Circuit.  They are allowed to run 2 turbo’s if they are under 315 cubic inches, allowing them to compete with the larger cubic inch engines and are allowing 370 cubic inch on alcohol with one turbo weighing only 6250 lbs.   The LLSS are growing in popularity each year on the circuit and are class known throughout the country for bringing a variety of makes and manufacturers to the track for competition.

Pulling Weight: 6500 lbs for Diesel and 6250 lbs. for Alcohol                

Fuel: Diesel and Alcohol

Chassis: Original Equipment Chassis only

Turbo chargers: 3′ inlet-  4″ outlet limit

Fuel System:  Inline P Pump Limit

Tires: 24.5 and 30.5 x 32

Engine: 410 Cubic Inch Limit (single turbocharger) on Diesel.

370 Cubic Inch Limit (single turbocharger) on Alcohol.

315 cubic inch limit (two turbochargers) on Diesel with original equipped block & cylinder head.  Custom made intake and & exhaust manifolds or headers allowed.

LLSS class reps Rod Wichman [email protected] 815-275-5615
David Runkle [email protected] 815-821-4686

“Code Blue”


Drivers: Mark Wyttenbach

Tractor: New Holland T6070

Hometown: Sauk City, WI

“Double Vision”


Driver: Aaron Kleckler

Tractor: Oliver 1850

Hometown: Winslow, IL

 “Cauzin Conflict”


Drivers: Rod/Cody Wichman and Gene Weerda

Tractor: John Deere 7410

Hometown: Winnebago, IL

 “Earl’s Dream”


Driver(s): David Runkle

Tractor: IH 686

Hometown: Kent, IL

“Covered in Red”

Driver: John Anderson

Tractor: IH 686

Hometown: Monticello, WI

“Just For Fun


Driver(s): Josh Wachholz

Tractor: IH 686

Hometown: Oshkosh, WI

“Lil Green Giant”


Driver(s): Larry/Mark Hawthorn

Tractor: Deutz 8006

Hometown: Monticello, WI

 “Kasper’s Ghost”

Driver(s): Scott Rink

Tractor: JD7330

 Hometown: Caledonia, IL

“Little Angry”

Driver: Brad/Jay Anderson

Tractor: Deutz 8006

Hometown: Monroe, WI

 “Big Blue”


Driver(s): David Baehr

Tractor: Ford 8340

 Hometown: Sun Prairie, WI


Drivers: Steve/David Zenz

Tractor: White