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Over the years BSTP has grown and many of BSTP’s pulling vehicles are now considered top contenders in the nation. Besides pulling at the BSTP events which are now held in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa, they can be seen pulling at some of the elite winter indoor pulls such as the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville Kentucky, Midwest Winter Nationals in Gordyville USA / Gifford Illinois, and the Southern Illinois Winter Shoot Out in DuQuoin Illinois. BSTP became associated with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League (PPL) in 2006. Please visit the PPL website at for more information. BSTP has become one of the strongest organizations affiliated with tractor and truck pulling in the United States today.

For booking information, please contact the BSTP office or e-mail us at: As for the fans, please review our pulling schedule and check us out at a pull to see one of the most exciting motorsports competition in the world today.

BSTP classes offered:

Prostock Tractors

Super Farm Tractors

Light limited Super Stock Tractors

Limited Pro Tractors

640 Pro Farm Tractors

466 Hot Farm Tractors

540 Light Pro Tractors

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks

Limited Pro Diesel Trucks

2 Wheel Drive Modified Trucks

Pro Mod Semi

Live Updates from Badger State Facebook Page:

Badger State Tractor Pullers Last night the board decided to not live stream our pulling events for free in 2018. We will still record the pulling events and replay one of the previous weekend events at TuesdaySee More nights at 7pm. The website will host all the recorded pulls for fans and pullers to watch previous pulls. I edited my PPL magazine article for April with the updates. Thanks for all the calls and texts, we had a great discussion last night and Step 1 has begun.

APRIL 2018 article
Spring is in the air and the pulling season is upon us. Kellie, Amy, Kathi, Angie, Tracy, Lori and the rest of the amazing people we have behind the scenes are talking with sponsors, signing up members, scheduling tech staff and ordering merchandise for the upcoming pulling season. Since I became Vice President of the Badger State Tractor Pullers in 2017, I have been humbled to witness the amount of work it takes to run this fine organization. Because of their hard work, we will be ready for another great year of entertaining pulling fans in Wisconsin, northern Illinois and beyond.
Congratulations to all the pullers representing BSTP at the indoor pulls this past winter. A big shout out to our Super Farm members the Fritz Bros from Boscobel, WI. They received their first invite to the big dance in Louisville this past February and made the podium in the finals Saturday night.
Our 2018 pulling schedule is loaded with 31 event locations and 36 sessions for our BSTP competitors. Pro Stock tractors lead the way with 21 hooks, as they should, after a strong and consistent class all season long in 2017. The 4.1 class has 20 hooks and will be bigger and stronger than ever. We look forward to the return of Bill Smith who missed the entire 2017 season waiting on parts, Jerry Mason's new build from 640 Pro Farm and John Meier Jr changing from light pro to limited pro. One of the most popular class's in the state, the 466 Hot Farms, will have 20 hooks. We're excited to see the Diggin For A Livin hot farm from the Aschliman family join this class.
Our fearless President, Greg Elsing, works his butt off every spring to keep our class members happy. I had no idea how much work it is. It is such a juggling act, putting the schedule together! Promoters have their favorite classes, local pullers want to pull at their hometown pull, newer classes are looking for more hooks. The next time you see Greg Elsing, give him a thank you. We are very fortunate to have this man at the helm of our organization.
Our newest class, the 540 light pro class, have asked if a few 4.1 tractors could hook with them, to help with numbers and a few pullers have agreed. This has happened before, when the Super Farm tractors stepped up to help the numbers of the 4.1 Lim Pro class when it first started. If you see a 4.1 competitor pulling with the 540 Light Pro class this year, they will weigh 9000 lbs, will hook at the end of the class after the points tractors pull (we don’t want to mess up the points!) and will pull for purse money only. The 540 tractors had a good 2017 with their number of competitors and they continue to grow in 2018. Promoters are paying attention to add this class to their line up in 2019 and beyond.
The Super Farm class is ever growing. In the past, promoters had to pay attention to the PPL Champions tour to see if their event conflicted with the Champions Tour. At one time, a majority of our Super Farm class followed the Champions Tour for points. Luckily, this is no longer an issue as strong numbers at hooks in 2017 have allowed promoters to book the Super Farm class 19 times in 2018. As usual, there is always lots of chatter with the Light Limited Super Stock class regarding national rules, the mixing of the alcohol tractors with the diesel, tire size and more. The buzz will continue with the LLSS class having 17 hooks in 2018. Our 640 Pro Farm numbers are still growing. Even with Cartwrights building Light Pros number are still strong and the promoters booked them for 14 hooks this year.
Diesel trucks are making the biggest splash in 2018. We are no longer offering a 3.0 lim pro diesel truck as the class reps decided to merge and only run the 3.6 Pro Stock Diesel Truck class. This class will have 19 hooks in 2018. It wasn’t an easy decision to force the 3.0 trucks to either run 3.6 or pull somewhere else, but we anticipate that it will be a win for the future of the class. 2wd trucks are strong again in 2018 and are a big part of our growth strategy as our NOISE CLASS with 13 hooks.
We have made the decision to purchase camera equipment to record our BSTP events. The plan right now is to broadcast a pull from the previous weekend every Tuesday night at 7pm at The website is also where we will post all the previous broadcasts and will be able to be watched at any time. We are selling sponsorships for $1000 to have your logo or business name for one hour during the show. We will have 3 camera angles and the broadcast will be like Mav TV or the Gordyville Live stream. If we choose and make one more purchase we will have the ability in the future to live stream and charge viewers to view the live stream and share the money with the pulling venue or broadcast for free and let the promoter sell sponsorship. Originally we planned to live stream for free this year but after more discussion with promoters we have made the decision to record and play later. Step 1 will begin in 2018 and I am sure we will think of many more ideas to grow pulling with this equipment.
Our Spring Meeting was held at Nora’s on Saturday March 10th. The entire morning was dedicated to tech official and staff schedules for upcoming events and membership. Highlights from the general session are as follows:
• It was decided to purchase a 2nd trailer to help when we have 2 events on the same day and in order to provide the equipment, sponsor banners, sign up more efficiently to all the events.
• Chris Feller is working on a sponsor to help us with a video board for 2019 and beyond.
• Jack Spotz announced that the very successful raffle is back for 2018 with top prize at $25,000. Each member is required to sell five $100 raffle tickets.
• The American Family Children’s Hospital pull will no longer have every class. We regret that there simply isn't enough time to get all the classes through. The executive board said classes will be rotated every other year and have been picked for 2018.
• Mike Meier, owner and driver of the Double Trouble 466 Hot Farm, has thyroid Cancer and his wife Brandi gave us an update on his condition with everything going as good as it can. He appreciates all the text messages from us and we all contributed to help pay for some of their extra expenses. The Meier family is loved by all and is very involved in BSTP with 3 tractors, tech and admin staff.
Our season kicks off with a double header on Sat June 2nd. The 4.1, Light Pro, Super Farm and 3.6 diesel trucks will be in Ettrick, WI and LLSS, 640 Pro Farm and 466 Hot Farm in Leaf River, IL. It's finally time to clean out the hoses, tighten up the bolts and get ready to blow the smoke in 2018! For the complete schedule please visit and follow us on Facebook at Badger State Tractor Pullers.See Less
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