Pro Mod Semis

Pro Mod Semi

NEW TO BADGER STATE IN 2016.  Though these rigs may look similar to the one that towed them in, they are not quite the average truck one may pass on the highway. At 20,000lbs these are the heavy hitters. Pulling with a longer chain and DOT approved tires, the Semi’s have become a fan favorite across the country.  With many competitors running multiple turbo chargers, this class has become known for it’s power and thrilling performances by each competitor.

Class representatives:

Chris Schroeder

Brian DeBroux

“Playin With Fire”


Driver: Ryan Debroux


Hometown: New Franklin, WI

“Krazy KW”


Drivers: Chris Misna and Chris Schroeder

Semi: 1985 KW

Hometown: Cashton, WI

“Holy Smokes”


Driver: Lonny Sailor


Hometown: Oak Park, MN



Driver: Sonny Graese

Hometown: Crivitz, WI