640 Pro Farm Tractors

Pro Farm Tractors

Big Cubes and lots of torque, that is what this class is known for.  This is the only class in Badger State with an RPM limit of 3000 RPMS.

Pulling Weight: 10,000 lbs

Fuel: Diesel or Gasoline: Tractors must run the original stock fuel for that make and model tractor.

Chassis: Original Equipment Chassis only

Turbo chargers: 3′ inlet-  3.7″ outlet limit

Fuel System:  Diesel-Inline P Pump Limit

Tires: 20.8 x 38 limit

Engine: 650 Cubic Inch Limit (single turbocharger) with original equipped block, cylinder head, intake and exhaust manifolds.

640 PF Class Reps Mark Cartwright markscustomservice@gmail.com 414-406-7076
Nick Cunningham adrianelthemas_06@hotmail.com 815-509-3116


“Git ‘R Done”


Driver(s): Scott Burkhart and Matt Angell

Tractor: IH 1466

Hometown: Winnebago, IL

“Industrial Strength Deere”


Driver(s): Jerry Sacia / Nick Cunningham

Tractor: John Deere 5020

Hometown: Pecatonica, IL

“Green Mule”


Driver(s): Jerry Mason

Tractor: JD 5010

Hometown: Marseilles, IL


Driver(s): Austin Colberg

Tractor: JD 5020

Hometown: Freeport, IL

“Mission Impossible”


Driver(s): Andy Cartwright

Tractor: AC D-21

Hometown: Big Bend, WI

“Whatever It Takes”


Driver(s): Mark Cartwright

Tractor: IH 1466

Hometown: Big Bend, WI

“Binder Grinder”


Driver(s): Eugene & Matt Larsen

Tractor: JD 4450

Hometown: Baraboo, WI