Limited Pro Tractors

Limited Pro Stock Tractors

The 4.1 Limited Pro Stock class is a tip of the hat to the younger days of Pro Stock Tractor pulling. Limited to a 4.1 turbo charger, 640 cubic inches, and 9500 lbs, this class has become a hot button topic with the fans of the Badger State Tractor Pullers, and will be one of the biggest classes in 2016.  Regionally and Nationally, the 4.1 Limited Pro has quickly taken the pulling world by storm!

Pulling Weight: 9500 lbs

Fuel: Diesel only

Chassis: Original Equipment Chassis only

Turbo chargers: One Turbo-4.1″ Inlet

Fuel System:  Inline P-Pump Limiit

Tires: 24.5 x 32.5 Limit

Engine: 640 Cubic Inch Limit (single turbocharger) original equipped block and cylinder head, custom made intake & exhaust manifolds or headers allowed.

4.1 Lim Pro

Class Reps

Greg Elsing 608-444-7956
Jason Schultz 608-604-5068

“The Remedy”

Driver: Jason Schultz

Tractor: Case 210

Hometown: Richland Center, WI


Beer Money Pulling Team Website


Twitter @beermoneypull


“G Force”


Driver(s): Gerald Gerlach / Mike Gerlach

Tractor: IH 1066

Hometown: Stockton, IL

“Thunder Clutch”


Driver(s): Greg Elsing and Avery Elsing

Tractor: MX210

Hometown: Prairie du Sac, WI

“Runnin Red Hot”


Driver(s): Kathy Gallitz / Al Wright

Tractor: IH 1466

Hometown: Jefferson, WI

“Runnin In The Red”

runnin in the red

Driver(s): Tom & Nick Gallitz

Tractor: IH 1466

Hometown: Jefferson, WI

“Green Power”


Driver(s): Ann Linnehan

Tractor: JD 7280

Hometown: Sparta, WI

“Tough Sleddin”


Driver(s): Scott Olson

Tractor: IH 1206

Hometown: Monroe, WI

“Wild Buck”


Driver(s): Jared Friedrichs / Chris Feller

Tractor: JD 4560

Hometown: Sterling, IL

Snapchat @WBpullingteam

“Well Spent”


Driver(s): Tony McDonald

Tractor: MX240

Hometown: Darlington, WI

“Diggin Deere”


Driver(s): John Kutz / Adam Lindl

Tractor: JD 4020

Hometown: Ft. Atkinson, WI

“Bullheaded Binder”


Driver(s): James Giese

Tractor: IH 1466

Hometown: Alma Center, WI

“Hi Maintenance”


Driver(s): Bill Smith

Tractor: JD 6030

Hometown: Darlington, WI

“All Buck’d Up”


Driver(s): Jordan Leonhard

Tractor: JD

Hometown: Auburdale, WI


“Just Another Buck”

Just another buck

Driver(s): Brandon Coates

Tractor: JD

Hometown: Dubuque, IA

“Mother’s Nightmare”

Mothers nightmare

Driver(s): Brent Lenorud

Tractor: IH 1466

Hometown: Mauston, WI