Limited Pro 4×4 Diesel Trucks

Limited Pro 4×4 Diesel Trucks

Who doesn’t love a pickup truck that can throw diesel smoke like crazy? The Lim Pro Diesel 4×4 Pickups are one of the fastest growing classes in Badger State.  Fans will shout their loyalty to their brand of choice as these 8000 lb pickups come out to shows in high quantities.

Pulling Weight: 8000 lbs

Fuel: Diesel Only

Chassis: OEM truck body, OEM truck chassis

Turbo chargers: 3′ inlet- smooth bore

Fuel System:  Max. one p7100 pump, one plunger per cylinder, use of multiple high pressure pumps allowed, powerstroke engines with hpop may utilize a second hpop

Tires: Unaltered DOT approved up to 35″ allowed and no front duals

Engine: Must be an option between Ford, Dodge and Chevy 1 ton or less can be interchanged between trucks.

Limited Pro

Diesel Truck

Class Reps

Mark Thomforde
Cory Funk

“Blue Smoothie Express”


Driver: Jamie Larse

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Richland Center, WI



Driver: Cory Funk

Truck: Chevy

Hometown: Oconomowoc, WI

“Cashin Out”


Driver: Ryan Dedolph

Truck: Chevy

Hometown: Janesville, WI

“Ram Tough”

ram tough

Driver: Jeff Helt

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Waunakee, WI

“The Addiction”


Driver: Mark Thomforde

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Caledonia, WI

“My Grain”


Driver: Trent and Travis VanHausen

Truck: Chevy

Hometown: Stockton, IL

“Lincoln Diesel Specialties”


Driver: Brent Meyers

Truck: Dodge

Hometown: Stevens Point, WI